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6 Excellent Brands from Tobago to Add to Your Beauty and Wellness Regime

To know Tobago is to know the vibrance that exists in its lush landscapes and beaches, sumptuous food, and its people. For anyone who has ever encountered this slice of paradise, these elements easily conjure up memories of life on the tranquil isle.

The Tobago Pavilion allows you to do just that. This hub speaks to the rich cultural heritage by bringing those same cultural influences to your own space.


Here are four ways you can create your own Tobago lifestyle right at home!


When it comes to wellness, there’s no doubt that skin care is essential to your overall health.

Remedies to soothe eczema and psoriasis

Pinkberri Kosmetique’s natural skin care products are uniquely formulated to treat a number of skin issues. Their Moringa Hand and Body Lotion, for example, is a great remedy to soothe eczema and psoriasis.

Organic Skin Cleansing and Hydration

You can reconnect with nature through Luvalwayz Organics. Their collection–like their brightening and hydrating Seaweed Face Masks– includes traditional and organic oils and botanicals to enhance natural beauty while preserving the environment.

Teas and Treats

Tobago Sweetness

On those days when you’re in the mood for sweets the way Granny used to make, Tom Tom’s Local Confectionery is the spot for you. From creamy coconut fudge to bene sticks, their assortment of Tobago sweets will make your mouth water. 

Tobago Teas

Growing up in the Caribbean, ‘bush tea’ was a staple in every home and you can add them to your pantry–without the backyard bush!  Teabago Teas feature blends that are steeped (pun intended!) in history and culture and are full of flavour. Sip on the quintessential taste of Tobago with a hot cup of cocoa tea; their rich energy-boosting Chocolate Chai tea is a great way to top off your morning.

Elevate your hair and self care routine!

Crown and Luxe

With satin serving as the star of the show, you can elevate your hair and self-care routine with Crown and Luxe. Their line features hair bonnets, scarves, and shower caps that not only protect your hair in luxury style but were designed with tropical colours that match the Tobago aesthetic. You can also indulge in their satin robes and eye masks both of which are the perfect additions to your self-care Sunday kit or any moment you  need to unwind.

Tobago Wyck

Scents can spark nostalgic memories, so why not surround your space with aromas that remind you of some of Tobago’s iconic landmarks?

Tobago Wyck’s line of soy wax candles offers a refreshing sensory experience that captures the essence of Tobago. Light up their Nostalgic Nylon Pool and be transported to the striking blue-green waters with fragrances of tropical fruits, berries, and exotic flowers. Or, you can pay a visit to the Majestic Moriah Mountains which features an earthy blend of white birch, cedar, and spice, and envision the classic Ole Time Wedding.


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