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In this Post-Covid reality, many Medium, Small and Mirco enterprises (MSMEs) in the Caribbean have been negatively affected.  Many of them would traditionally sell their items at Pop-up shops and physical Marketplace gatherings, but as we know, the potential for those avenues in this “new normal” may be slipping away.  We believe that now, more than ever digital platforms and eCommerce are critical elements of any business which has intentions of exporting.  

Visiting the Caribbean may be limited for a while, but you can still have access to the Best of the Caribbean’s art, craft, fashion and home décor items on www.shopcaribe.com.

Featuring, handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind items, wwwshopcaribe.com will provide customers with ready access to life in the Caribbean. 

With a focus on authentic, Caribbean made, inspired and enhanced products, Shop Caribe has been designed as a platform to provide Caribbean entrepreneurs, artists, crafters and designers with eStores, where they can continue to showcase and sell their products to a local, regional and international audience. 

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