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The Luxury Body Vault

The Luxury Body Vault

We know that face-care products play an integral role in achieving flawless skin.

Beyond the face, there’s skin on our bodies that can use some TLC too!

Skincare is a full-body agenda, so it’s just as vital to have a regime for all over as it is for your face.

Here on our island of plenty, ShopCaribe offers countless body products from across the Caribbean for you to indulge in, all of which offer skin-transforming benefits derived from organic ingredients.


Let’s dive in!

Scrubs are not just for Exfoliation

Did you know that scrubs are just as essential for all over your body as it is for your face? The Oui Scrubs line is specially crafted to help to draw out impurities, promote circulation, remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, and soften rough, dry skin. Treat yourself to their citrusy-mint Grapefruit & Peppermint Body Scrub which feels like an all-inclusive retreat for your skin.

Organic Skin Cleansing and Hydration

Butter Boutique’s Goats Milk and Oat Soap is a fantastic total-body cleanser because it gently exfoliates, restores moisture, and creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin that guards against bad bacteria and UV rays, an essential for Caribbean living!

A drizzle of Oui Scrubs  Jasmine & Vanilla Body Oil will turn moisturizing into a ritual. Scented with jasmine and vanilla, this delicate mix calms your skin while giving it a natural illuminating glow. If you prefer something a bit thicker, try their Whipped Organic Body Butter. Decadent and buttery, it’s a wonderful for stretch mark prevention and fading.

If you want even more protection from those rays, add a layer of Eco-Truffles’ Sun Block Aloe Vera and Zinc Sun Block before you head out! Made with neem, tea tree soap and Aloe Vera gel, it’s a naturally effective way to get protection from harmful rays and toxins. 

Who says beer is only for drinking? Vortex Sensations’ Caribbean Blue Soap is made purely with Carib Blue Beer and enriched with shea butter to moisturise the skin. Their beer-infused soap is more than a gimmick. Full of antioxidants, it helps dissolve dead skin cells, increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce acne breakouts, and can add to the natural glow of your skin.

If you’re looking for natural alternatives to your deodorants, try a Bergamot Lemon Organic Clay Deodorant or the fragrant Frankincence & Myrr, both of which can eliminate body odour, calm irritated skin, while absorbing moisture for fresh arm pits all day long.

Living in the tropical weather, bug bites are pretty common. Your can chase them away with the Eco-Truffles’ Sea Salt and Mint Bug Repellant to prevent bites, or use their fast-absorbing Aloe Vera Healing Gel to soothe bites as well as rashes, sun burn, and more.

The Caribbean is home to so many natural ingredients that are perfect for keeping your skin and body healthy and nourished. Our curated collection was designed to bring you some of the best luxury products for you to enjoy some much-deserved every day, from head to toe.


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