AngelEyes Products

AngelEyes Products

AngelEyes Products, a Natural line of herbal and botanical items that offer the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE. Many persons suffer from sensitive skin; the use of Our 98% or more natural ingredients, has worked wonders for all skin types. The birth of Our Spa Bars, the solution for sensitive skin, was a direct result of inspiration through a dream in 2016. Continued inspiration gave rise to further products with their purpose, which are all POWER BY NATURE. As a result, we have the platform to educate persons about the environment and the benefits to be derived therefrom. A combination of these factors resulted in the birth of AngelEyes Beauty Products. You will quickly discover that all Our items are uniquely made from the best butters and oils that are not just beneficial to your skin but in a general sense are healthier for Our being! Friends, what are you putting on your skin??!! Its is your largest organ; and anything you put on it is absorbed within 28 seconds.
Trust me…I am Donna LaRoche, the formulator of this Awesome Brand.


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