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Chris Anderson Caribbean Jewelry

Artist Chris Anderson was born and lives on the twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago, the most southern island of the Caribbean Archipelago. He grew up in the old Colonial city of Port of Spain and got married to his wife Nicole in 1986. She is also a local with French roots and his trusted business partner.

Chris began his studio in the same year of 1986 and evolved from the rigid traditional gold smithing of his early training to a more relaxed Caribbean style that reflected the islands life he loves. “I find inspiration around me!..the magic of island life in carnival and music to humming birds, palm trees and the ocean. I absorb it all and create from this wonderful place. I particularly like the longevity the metal affords and I always enjoy contrubiting in a conscious way with my own eclectic mix to our global culture.

It is always an honour for customers to connect with my pieces and I enjoy all compliments.” His collections are on many Caribbean Islands and widely recognised and collected by fans for the strong handmade quality and unique two tone styling. Now with a web presence his work is sought after worldwide

Living on an island has other benefits and Chris is also a professional landscape photographer. His photos are on display at local art galleries and also in studio. Check out his photography website at www.caribbeanphotoart.com.

All your opinions are valuable to me, so please leave behind your feelings. Thanks for stopping by, Chris Anderson.



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