Galt & Maree

Galt & Maree was started in 2016 as both partners (Andrew Galt & Christiaan Maree) shared joy in making the most intoxicating scents from exotic oils. Thus creating a symphony of scent blended with premium soy wax which thwarted us to start making candles and a business that expressed our passion resulting with some of the most enduring scents that make up our initial offerings. Check us out today and share in our passion with Galt & Maree’s Premium Soy Wax Candles. We promise you won’t regret it ­čÖé

All of our Candles sold on Shop Caribe’s Website are our 12.5oz Pure Soy Candle, burn time is around 74 to 76 hours.

Please make sure and trim your wick before every use, this will ensure a better and more long lasting burn.


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