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Kavir Mootoo Art

One of my deepest desires is to create! I love to paint…and I love fashion…and I love the planet we live on.

Welcome to ‘Kavir Mootoo Art’ where I create Paintings both to wear and to enhance your living and work spaces.

I paint on existing clothing (either one’s own or on sourced secondhand clothing) as a way to revamp/refresh/update them thereby creating ‘new clothes’ from old clothes and reducing the need to buy new clothes.

Contact me at the number below if you’d like your clothing updated.

I also create wearable art on Organic Cotton, Bamboo or Hemp and Sweatshop-free T-shirts and Tank Tops that are made by unionised workers in the US – I believe we cannot be truly beautiful/dapper if what we wear is at the expense of the planet or of people. 

I use fabric paint which stands up well to washing. To extend the life of the art-work, it is best to hand wash or to wash in a garment bag on a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

I view art as a way we can make our spaces more comfortable and pleasing. As such, I offer wall and table top art in a range of sizes and prices.

I hope you enjoy my work and see something that you’d like to get!

Stay safe! Look out for your brothers and sisters and let’s share in LIFE’S BEAUTY!!!!


Kavir Mootoo

Call/Whatsapp: (868) 708-0781


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