Producer of Handmade and One of a Kind, Leather Wearable Art and Art Installations.

The work includes: Earrings, Neck Pieces, Cuffs, Neck Pouches, Bags-of various Styles and Sizes, Wall Art, Chairs, as well as other Pieces of Art Decor/Installations.

The Foundation of Keyiko Afrikan Arts, is the “idea” that, Art is where the Healing takes place…and no better conduit is to be found than in/through Leather, it Breathes. The most Recognizable feature of the “work” of Keyiko Afrikan Arts, is the piecing of various Leathers together…emphasizing the idea that Everything Connects.

Art means different things to different People however, it remains the same for different Artist…which is our ongoing response to the Mastery, the Mystery and the Misery of/in Life.

May we always walk in Beauty allowing our Light to shine, so that others may see to find their own way…for it is by the Light of others we are here. Ase’ Ase’ Ase’

Much love to you and to all those closest to you.



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