Land of the Hummingbird

Land of the Hummingbird

The Land of the Hummingbird: Hummingbirds and nature inspired souvenirs, gifts, fashions, artwork and homewares.

Using her entrepreneurial spirit and artistic eye, UK-born and Trinidad-based Rachel Lee Young has transformed her love of nature and photography into an emerging Caribbean lifestyle brand, “The Land of the Hummingbird”.  Since 2018 the fresh, joyful and authentic designs created from Rachel’s photographs have celebrated and promoted the natural beauty of Trinidad and Tobago locally and increasingly in the international market.

Proudly made in Trinidad and Tobago to the highest standards by mostly women-owned small and micro businesses, the collection includes homewares, greetings cards, accessories, facemasks, statement kaftans and gym and leisure wear. The timeless, versatile fashion pieces are made from small-batch fabrics printed using eco-friendly inks.

Rachel has already enjoyed several successful collaborations and design commissions and looks forward to exploring further opportunities as the brand develops.


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