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My journey as an artist of jewelry

Hi my name is Janice Learmond-Criqui and as an artist of jewelry, I chose ShopCaribe because I wanted my jewelry to be purchased by clients from around the world. ShopCaribe’s name is what encouraged me to be a part of their website. It speaks to the Caribbean and if as a client I wanted jewelry accessories from the Caribbean, ShopCaribe would be the place to go and shop.

I got into jewelry as a stress reliever. I had a high stress job and when I got home, I could not unwind. One day while on holiday in Tobago I came across websites that taught you how to make necklaces and earrings. I love the wire bending but realized that it needed  a lot of practice. So I purchased the materials and tools and my journey started. 

I made so many pieces that I started giving them away as gifts. It gave me pleasure to see the look of happiness when people received my jewelry. I went to a Christmas Bazaar to sell my pieces and there was a woman who liked one of the pieces. She said she did not have the money to buy it but I could see that she was in love with the piece. So I took the piece, put it into a gift bag and gave it to her wishing her Merry Christmas. She was so taken aback by my kindness that she started to cry. I hugged her and said that she was special  as I felt a connection with this woman. She said that no one had shown her such kindness in a long time.

Each piece is handmade and made with lots of love. Each piece is a treasure to me. So for those who purchase my pieces I do hope that you will enjoy them as I enjoyed making them.

Janice Learmond-Criqui, CPC, ACC


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