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Chris Anderson Copper & Brass Jewelry

If anyone said that 2020 would be the year where a global pandemic would change the way we all lived and did business, who would have believed them? Certainly not us, we would have thought no way. But, here we are, where businesses have to change how they do business and make tough decisions. In the handcrafted jewelry business its no different.

Despite the challenges we have faced due to COVID-19 and social lockdown, Chris Anderson Jewelry is still paying our staff at half rate. We value the skills, hard work, and other important contributions our team makes to the company. Their work brings happiness to our customers across the globe. We appreciate all the support from our customers and hope everyone and their families are able to stay stafe during this turbulent time.

Chris Anderson Jewelry has been making exquiste handcrafted jewelry since 1986 and our reputation in the industry and loyal customers has helped us to weather the pandemic. We have been ensuring that all deliveries are sanitized before being shipped and have increased the frequency that we clean our manufacturing facility and tools. Our designers have also been working on more speciality pieces using one-of-kind stones to delight our new and loyal customers.

Our team has been active on social media posting updates and we soon intend to offer phenomenal discounts on select pieces. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages for these announcements. We recognize that the world is grapling with major uncertainty as a result of this pandemic and we hope our handcrafted jewelry brings a shimnering light for you in this time. Something positive among all the news that makes our heart ache.

We are happy to serve you. We offer global delivery from our base of operations in sunny Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean. Our customers are based in the New York, California, Texas, Florida, US Virgin Islands and many other regions around the globe.

Shop our collection and should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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