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Omidiran Khali Kwodwo Keyi Ogun’la’de’ – I am a Vessel through which the Spirit of Kreativity flows.

I am: Omidiran Khali Kwodwo Keyi Ogun’la’de’ and I am a Leather Artist, producing Handmade (no Machines), One of a kind Wearable Art and Art Installations. 

My being an Artist, is not something that I do, but – with much humility – it is who I am.

While I am neither imbued with the power of Kreativity, nor the ability to Kreate, I am a Vessel through which the Spirit of Kreativity flows. This “Work” is bigger than I am; that I have come to know… the Art is the Vehicle and the “Work” begins, wherever the Vehicle takes me.

Having lived abroad for the past 42 years  (1975-2017), 20 in Canada and 22 in the United States of America and having spent the last 35 livin and working as an Artist; I came face to face with the Transformative aspects, as well as the tremendous capacity of Art, in the process of Healing.

Art means different things to different people, and the same for different Artist…it is simply our ongoing response, to the Mastery, the Misery and the Mystery of Life. To this end, Keyiko Afrikan Arts was Born in 1990 as the umbrella under which my discipline: Working with Leather – “the Art in Leather and the Art of Leather” could flourish.

In 1997 my focus began to shift from “Product” to “Process” (by way of Importance) and in so doing, a greater appreciation for / of Art was my reward.

Art is where the Healing takes Place.

The E’gun’gun’ is one of the more familiar Masquerades out of Afrikan / Alkebulan (Yoruba) Kulture, known to the Diaspora. 
This Handmade One of a Kind Shadow-Box Figure, with the exclusion of the Wooden Mask, is all made from Leather. The Garment of the E’gun’gun’ consists of Leather Panels, each piece Designed, Tooled and Dyed taking on the apparence of Asoke, which is the Royal Kloth among the Yoruba People of Nigeria.

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